Movie Review: Freaky (2020)

Jordan Hastie, Writer

On Friday, November 13th, the new horror movie Freaky was released on the big screen. Starring Kathryn Newton and Vince Vaughn in a Freaky Friday spinoff. The movie portrays a young teenage girl named Millie, who swaps bodies with the local serial killer, the Blissfield Butcher. Throughout the film, Millie played by Newton is frantically running across town in the murderer’s body, to stop him from using her body to kill more people.

Despite the slight familiarity of the body-swapping, Freaky doesn’t follow the same storyline as Disney’s Freaky Friday. Similarly to Freaky Friday, a curse is cast on Friday the 13th and evokes a body swap of the two main characters. Freaky is a more graphic and mature film rather than a family-friendly one, with numerous Rated R scenes of gore and some explicit content. Within the first 5-10 minutes, the Blissfield Butcher brutally murders a group of teens, really setting the tone of the film. I highly recommend you refrain from watching it if you are easily spooked and under the age of 17.

Although it’s quite graphic, Freaky also had a weird sense of Disney channel cheesiness and cliche. The first thing that I deemed odd was Millie being bullied in High School. She was a pretty blonde girl, the perfect example of American beauty standards, and It just wasn’t realistic at all. It’s such a common theme in a film to have a pretty white girl be bullied when in actuality that doesn’t happen whatsoever. Many scenes just screamed cheesy. It was no surprise that Millie, being quiet and quirky, fell for the sweet popular jock. It is such a predictable and repetitive cliche! Another scene worth a mention, was when Millie woke up in the murderer’s body and acted overly feminine, which is a bit insulting to us ladies. For being a Rated R film, you’d think it wouldn’t have that cheesy kid show feel.

A great aspect of the film is its compelling storyline. You won’t get bored or confused about what’s happening because it’s easy to catch onto. It’s a super basic storyline, with added punchlines and humor to keep your attention. I’m the type of person who gets lost pretty easily, but with Freaky, I wasn’t confused or completely oblivious to the plot. It had adventure, action, and everything to keep the audience entertained. Though the plot was a little cheesy and cliche, I think the overall action kept me hooked.

If you like horror comedies with a hint of cheesiness, you need to see Freaky!