The Great Frederick Fair

Sean Adgerson, Writer

The Great Frederick fair is one of the biggest events in Frederick. Each September people are excited to go out to the Frederick Fairgrounds for  different reasons.                                

The fair, which has been running for 159 consecutive years in Frederick, has certainly become a staple for farmers to show off their cattle or for regular folks who want to eat carnival food, which has appeared on TV multiple times on TV shows like “Carnival Eats”. 

Edwin Ramirez, a sophomore who has attended the fair multiple times and has extensive knowledge on the fair stated: “I really am excited for the fair this year simply because we didn’t have one last year and I feel more people will pop out than ever.”

Edwin isn’t alone in his sentiments at the fair this year. Alex Addeh, another sophomore who has also reported that the fair this year feels different. “This year I feel the fair will have a much different vibe and more people will show up because they missed the stuff the fair has to offer.”

The fair also has had some controversies. In 2019, a man was beaten to death by two teenagers asking the man for money. The atmosphere of the fair was drastically changed from happy go lucky to a somber mood knowing that a man was beaten to death at the fair. In 2021, people hope that this year’s fair will be secure and safe for all people. 

All in all, The Great Frederick Fair will and always have been a place for families in the Frederick region to have fun for a day out to eat great food or get on sick rides.