Fall Sports

Kahmoon Ngangoum Mundji, Writer

Most of our fall sport teams have been doing good up until now in their season, and they are still hoping to do better by the end of their season. 

After talking to a few of the Fall sports coaches, they said were proud of their teams and that they still have potential to develop further.

Our most successful sport this season is Golf, with their winning streak at the beginning of the season, and then holding the 7th position at the County tournament on Tuesday this week. They scored a team total of 350 points. And they will surely keep progressing throughout the season and keep increasing their ranks.

After interviewing the golf coach, he said, “The team had their first 3-0 in eight years, they have a lot of new players who are mostly sophomores.¨

The team’s goal is to break the 180 points by four player teams. The toughest team to play would be Urbana.

The top four players to follow are: 

Brayden Tyeryar, Garrett Twenty, George Carter Smith and Guy Thrasher.

Brayden Tyeryar bettered his personal record of 77.

Coach Henderson said: “I am very pleased by the team´s accomplishments, and we have a few tough matches coming up and we will see how the team handles the pressure.”


On a side note, the turf field would probably be ready by October’s end or mid-November.