Halloween’s Back On Track!


Kahmoon Ngangoum Mundji, Writer

Up until January 2020, Halloween has always been a fun celebration for both children and parents without them having to worry about any type of safety. We cannot say the same about this year´s celebration.

Starting with last year, with the Halloween celebration being cancelled in most neighborhoods because of safety precautions concerning Covid-19.

After speaking to a few people about what they think Halloween this year would look like, here are some of their responses.

The first question being: What do you think about Halloween this year? Principal Kibler said: ¨I do think we are going to see some return on what Halloween is this year. More neighborhoods will open for trick or treat this year and there will be some actions taken to bring back the kids’ joy this year.¨ From Leo-Shawn Nfor:¨I think Halloween is going to be the same as it was for the years before because many safety precautions have already been taken about Covid-19 on the National play such as the vaccine¨

The second question was: Are there going to be any school Halloween based school activities this year? From Principal Kibler:¨There’s going to be a trick or treat program for preschoolers that will be coming to the school during the week of Halloween and there’s also going to be a door decoration contest. And seniors will be dressed up as the tradition indicates.¨

The third question is: Do you think it is going to be safe for kids to go trick or treat this year? From Principal Kibler: ¨Yes I personally think it will be safe for kids to go trick or treating this year if we all act together as a community to keep them safe and protected. Some safety actions could be, to have hand sanitizers at the doors and also have the candies pre-packed so that the kids don’t just go digging their hands in the bowl. And also don’t allow the kids to eat the candy for a day or two, because the virus stays on surfaces for a max of 48 hour and then dies.¨

In conclusion, Halloween this year could be just like the previous years, but we should not completely forget about the virus and take some kind of safety action.