A Haunted Homecoming

Homecoming Is Back!

Sean Adgerson, Writer

Homecoming at TJ this year is going to be spooky with its Halloween theme! The SGA came up with a Haunted Halloween because of Halloween right next to it on Sunday. Homecoming is going to be a non-inclusive event to outside guests this year. 

Homecoming on October 30th will be fun and jam-packed at the gym between 7-10pm for all grades and for the crowning of class kings and queens! I interviewed Lucas Tessarollo of the SGA and he said, “Some changes to homecoming this year is people will be able to go outside into the courtyard.” “It will be a place for people to take a mask break and eat food.” He explained. “The aux gym will be open and there will be fun games with friends.” “Food will be individually wrapped.” Lucas then went on to explain that there will be a special DJ show and lights and masks will be required due to Covid. “SGA is now in charge of the music and we have chosen most of the songs that will be played.” Lucas said. Other than the mask mandate, this year’s homecoming will be the same as years  previous, only this one more sentimental because of Covid.

Powderpuff this year is also back and better than the one previously last year held in the spring. Powderpuff is a football game where senior girls are playing junior girls in a flag or two hand touch football game. I spoke with referee Mr Cleveland and said, “Powderpuff is a game that is student driven with adults supporting in the background.” He explained how powderpuff works and how it became tradition. Powderpuff will take place on Friday, October 29th at 3PM, to those who want to sign up, see Ms. Lacy for Seniors and Ms. Rose-Orr for Juniors.

Like stated above, TJ is excited for homecoming and includes the classic football rivalry between Frederick and TJ which is the biggest in the county. In years past, TJ has come up short, but this year the atmosphere is different with TJ ready to put on a show. I interviewed Mrs. Kibler about the culture and football program here at TJ. “The TJ vs Frederick football game is more than just a win or lose or the game itself, it’s about the community,” she explained. “Two and half years ago, there wasn’t a varsity football program because there weren’t enough guys who signed up. Now there’s kids back who want to play football again.” The foundation of the football program here at TJ is back, she explained, and the foundation of not only the football program but the culture shift of this school, is being shifted into a more positive light. “Growing a cohesive culture within not only the players, but the entire school community will shift a positive light and attitude in this school and surrounding community.”