Winter Activities Around Frederick

Kahmoon Ngangoum Mundji, Writer

Christmas is right around the corner and everyone is excited about going home for winter break and chill with their families. But the real issue is what are you going to do while at home with your family members? Because you obviously can not sit home all day. So here are a few spots where you can go to enjoy your time home to the fullest.

  • Laser tag

What burns a lot of energy and is so fun to do with your family? Laser tag of course! The whole family can participate in  this friendly contest. Adventure Park USA offers laser tag and also a variety of other activities, including go-karts, video games, and games for children. 

  • Learn more about History

A winter trip to Frederick can be fun and educational! The area has a rich Civil War history, and guests can spend most of their time in a heated building. The National Museum of Civil War Medicine is dedicated to telling the story of healing and healing, courage and devotion between death and destruction, and laying the groundwork for modern medicine. While Monocacy National Battlefield is known for its outdoor trails, it’s also home to a great visitor center. Exhibits interpret the July 9, 1864 battle that saved Washington, D.C. from Confederate Jubal Early onslaught.

  • Escape rooms

With three great locations and even more themes to choose from, you and your family can be locked in a variety of mystery-solving scenarios. Channel your inner Scooby Doo and solve the last puzzle before time runs out. Looking to bond with your family members? It’s a great way to learn about each other’s strengths!