Great Spots in Frederick for Valentine’s Day

Sean Adgerson, Writer

It is that time of year again, where young teenagers start to feel their first experiences of love, and from older generations to spend a day with their significant other on the 14th of the shortest month of the year. I interviewed here at TJ Sophomore Rembran Lopez, and here are some of the most frequent answers. Here in Frederick
there are some amazing spots to take yourself and your significant other this cold Valentine’s Day!

Carroll Creek
Carroll Creek is the number one answer. It is one of the biggest spots in downtown Frederick that gets a lot of attention simply because of the creek that runs through the southern part of the city. It stretches from Baker Park on Carroll Pkwy towards the west side to Idiom Brewing Company on East Patrick Street towards the eastern side of the city. Carroll Creek has always been a favorite for teens who live within walking distance of it inside the city of Frederick. Carroll Creek is also a favorite spot for older couples who want to just walk along the Creek holding hands with each other whilst looking at the boats that some artists place on the creek that flash through
the night on the creek.

Market Street
Market Street was the second answer from students. It is one of the main roads that go the entirety of downtown Frederick coming up from the south side all the way to the north side of the city. Since Market Street is a long road that stretches through the entire length of downtown, there are a lot of shops, and restaurants that locals love. Throughout the street you can find many different cuisines from Asian cuisine with restaurants like Tsunami and Lazy Fish to Latin cuisine with restaurants like Cacique. There are so many restaurants alongside Market Street to take your date out and have a romantic date.

So, this year and beyond, here are the best places to take your significant other on a date in the great city of Frederick, Maryland!